Sunday, September 18, 2011

Prof T P Rama Rao : Gracefully played second fiddle to Prof Jajoo

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Prof T P Rama Rao (MTech, IIT, Kanpur) is a senior IT faculty. He is with IIMA since 1970s. He was Chairman of Computer Services for several years.

This person found his family in CC of IIMA when he married with a CC staff Ms Rita Desai in late 70s. Prof Rama Rao went on to become IT faculty. Even after Mrs Rita became wife of IIMA faculty, she ‘chose’ not to become IT faculty.

For major period of his career, his wife remained his weak point. Prof Rama Rao also made serious attempts to finish his Ph.D. Good at assimilation of IT fundas in to teaching (often repetitive offerings for working executives/ IT professionals), consultancy and IT service delivery. For whatever reason, as is also apparent from his WebPages, very little (to nil) research output in rated journals.

In 1993 Prof Jajoo had obliged Mrs Rama Rao by lowering eligibility for Head of Computer Center. Lower than even that for Systems Analyst. Husband-wife duo remained grateful, subdued to dictates of Prof Jajoo for ever and gracefully played second fiddle. Infact the arrangement also suited Prof Jajoo who, anyway, could not have stood an independent minded upright officer in his domain –viz- IT service delivery.

Staff of CC, in early 90s, ran foul to ego of Prof Jajoo. Documents released by PIO (RTI Act) of IIMA reveal that husband-wife duo, in difference to Prof Jajoo, did not care to file annual performance appraisals of research staff in Computer Center. 

Read point#5 of for little about this person.

Ultimately it required, in 2007, radical prescription from no less than Prof Bakul Dholakia who broke the jinx. As Director he decided to trash Jajoo-Ramarao nexus by hiring a very independent IT Manager. Independent beyond comfort level among faculty community. Mrs Rama Rao was forced to leave unceremoniously, with 48 hour notice.

PIO (RTI Act) of IIMA has also revealed that some very important documents relating to MoM records of Computer Services Committee went missing since Mrs Rama Rao resigned.

Eventhough PIO of the institute had confirmed that there was no trace of a large set of records (which disappeared since abrupt resignation of Mrs Rama Rao), Prof Rama Rao tried to defraud RTI applicant of information worth Rs.46000. He passed 23000 (yes 23 thousand) pages of JUNK as MoM minutes records of CSC. CAN MoM records run into 23000 pages?? Prof Rama Rao literally (yes) photo copied ALL papers in IT department of IIMA and passed them as minutes. Here is the image of 23000 pages that Prof Rama Rao passed as MoM minutes record. Out of box, it made 9 feet high stack of A4 size papers. 

Issue is subjudiced. Refer to pg-3,6 of petition available on Government of India website ( to notice that husband Prof Rama Rao was designated, to cover up for his wife, as CSC Chairman just 13 days after court ordered FREE supply of 23000 pages of MoM.

This person conspired against his own subordinates. Slow poison for Computer Center of IIMA. Take care.

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Thanks for sharing. Ms Rama rao talks exclusively to TDL Interviews about annamayya keerthanalu. Ms Rama Rao