Sunday, September 18, 2011

Prof S K Barua : Ripoff as Director of IIM Ahmedabad

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Prof Samir Kumar Barua (MTech, IIT, Kanpur & FPM, IIMA) is a senior faculty at IIM Ahmedabad. This entry is no reflection on his professional competence in academics. Rather it is only limited to ethical dimensions of his conduct as Director of IIM Ahmedabad.

He is son-in-law of CPI strongman Mr. A. B. Bardhan. Apparently he was appointed Director of IIMA few months before Indo-US nuclear deal disintegrated UPA-I regime led by PM Manmohan Singh. 

‘Sue-me-if-you-can’ kind of a person. Here are the links to moral transgressions and ripoffs by this person,
• he authorized/ condoned abuses of office when Secretary to BoG sought and received undue favors (ref - from judiciary (a Central Information Commissioner). 
• He foisted a prejudiced person as Dean and Chief Vigilance Officer of IIMA. (ref – ( The document that has remained unattended till date of this comment.

Book ‘Brick by Red Brick’ by Prof T T Ram Mohan chronicles widespread abuse of Directors office. During Prof Barua’s Directorship also governance at IIMA remained a heady mixture of vague delineation that result in wide ranging discretionary powers [faculty confirmation, promotion, work load, consultancy allocation, in-company programs, extension in service beyond age of retirement, nominations to corporate boards, etc] with Director’s office. Ofcourse being an insider Prof Barua also knew how to use these discretionary powers to oblige his suitors!

During his directorship, Prof Barua himself did target practice on whistleblowers including those among faculty. He also let other IIMA officials do the same. Actions of Prof Barua have compromised lives of several families. Repeat, this entry is no reflection on his professional competence in academics, and true reflection on him being a rip-off in terms of morals, ethics and value system. Please report HERE other abuses of office by this person. Take care.

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