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Prof B H Jajoo : Epitome of sleaze and greed at IIM Ahmedabad

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Prof B H Jajoo (PhD, IIT, Kanpur). Senior IT faculty with IIMA since 1980s. Dean and “Chief Vigilance Officer” of IIMA for 2008-12.

Ever since 1990 he always (save 2007) had larger say in affairs of IT services at IIMA. Even when he did not hold any official position he continued to run his writ due to his technical prowess. Good at assimilation of IT fundas in to teaching (often repetitive offerings for working executives/ IT professionals), consultancy and IT service delivery. For whatever reason, as is also apparent from his WebPages, very little (to nil) research output in rated journals. Though he is a faculty, again for whatever reason, he always had inclination for managerial and general admin jobs. Until 2007 upset, his peers fondly used to call him a ‘postman’ for passionately owning and maintaining institute mail servers. Very meticulous in planning/ execution of teaching/ admin jobs. Vulnerable to ‘Desire’.

Shrewdly ensured that alternate power center (in IT services) did NOT emerge at IIMA. Took care that new faculty candidates with strength in his own area got rejected. Overwhelmed new IT faculty recruits. To ensure that his writ continued he even shifted the goal post for strong contenders of “Head CC or IT Manager”. Can not be one amongst equals in a team. 

Involvement of this person in underlying cause of action dates back to 1991 when two young girls at Computer Center of IIMA were unduly favored. Ref point#5 of One girl was being courted to marry with an influential professor at IIMA. The second innocent was on radar of a lustful professor. Read between the lines.

Since 1990 Prof Jajoo antagonized entire spectrum of Computer Center staff at IIM Ahmedabad. Majorly responsible for institutional loss of ~85 man-years and ~1 crore Rupees (counting in 2011) in salary paid to victim employees.

CC staff wrote several letters to management of IIMA which had ‘in-bred’ Director since 1984. Successive ‘apne-wala’ Directors could not antagonize Prof Jajoo who knew which string to pool, when. In 2008 for the purpose of facilitating Prof Jajoo’s appointment as Dean, these letters fictitiously went missing/ destroyed by gullible administration led by Mr. N V Pillai (Secretary to IIMA board). Whistleblowers of IIMA forced reconstruction of these records in 2009 at grave risk to their employment.

It required, in 2007, radical prescription from no less than Prof Bakul Dholakia who cut Prof Jajoo to his actual size. Prof Dholakia trashed his mail servers and initiated major changes, sans Prof Jajoo, in IT services. Later on Prof Dholakia was put to little inconvenience when Prof Jajoo bounced back as Dean+CVO in new regime.

After this person became Dean+CVO of IIMA he abused his office to make other faculty members and admin officers hound whistleblower employees.

This person also overlooked vigilance inputs from whistleblower employees to plunder big amounts on LTC largess to select officials of IIMA. More details on hard corruption in huge LTC scam chronicled at 

‘sue-me-if-you-can’ kind of a person. The kingpin, ace manipulator and poisonous. Epitome of sleaze and greed at IIM Ahmedabad. Do not trust what is written above. Just reach out to someone at IIM Ahmedabad. –OR– read 12 pages of Take care.

[For better insight in to ‘sleaze and greed’ in IIMA governance, read Ch-7 “Light and Shadow” authored by Prof T T Ram Mohan (whistleblower faculty of IIMA)]

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